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The Ocean Guardian Challenge

A new accreditation to recognise plastic education in schools 

Get your School on the map and join us for the 'Ocean Guardian Assembly' on Friday 7th June, 2019.

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7,001 Learners

355 Teachers

5 Countries

78 Schools

Welcome to the Challenge!

Our Aim

An opportunity to do something different in your school while still delivering key curriculum learning.

It’s a way of engaging the whole community by setting an unusual goal and working together to claim the prize – an Ocean Guardian Accreditation with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards to go for! see details below.

The 'Ocean Guardian Assembly' uniting learners around the world!

Join us 9:15 to 9:45 on Friday 7th June, 2019 for the world-wide plastic education assembly, streaming on the day before World Oceans Day

The assembly will feature both the current messages on ocean plastic from the specialists and material sent from the schools taking part. As an OGC school you will be encouraged to submit any great examples (video, pictures and comments) in advance to be stitched together as a key part of the Assembly. 


Latest Schools

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Ellie Chilver
1 month 5 days ago

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4 months 1 week ago

Ashlands Church of England first school

William pearse
4 months 3 weeks ago

Event Guide

Your complete guide to taking part in this unique, global world record attempt

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Bronze level requirements (draft)

  • Sign up for the Ocean Guardians Challenge - School Assembly 
  • Complete the Money Box Buoy or Bottle Boat upcycling challenge.
  • Lessons taught to the school children that cover the topics of pollution, plastics, recycling and protecting the environment, minimum of 2 year groups.
  • School Pledge created explaining what steps the school and children will take to make a difference to our environment.
  • School has contacted their local Watersports providers and start conversation to engage children with water-sports. 

Silver level requirements (draft)

  • All of bronze level requirements, plus:
  • Send pictures/video of school educating young people about plastic to be used in the Ocean Guardians Assembly. 
  • At  least 2  lesson  plans  contributed  to  the  resource  section  of  Plastic  Education  using  the  official  planning  format,  with  resources  where  necessary.
  • Recycling system established (or in place) in school to filter paper, plastic and aluminium from landfill waste.
  • Ocean Guardians appointed in each class to lead recycling scheme and meet termly to discuss how school can become more environmentally friendly.
  • The school has participated in a water sports activity day. 

Gold level requirements (draft)

  • All of silver requirements, plus:
  • The school has developed their plan for children to participate in water sports. This could be summer term activities days, or regular sessions, or a club. 
  • Ocean  Guardians  appointed  in  each  class  to  lead  recycling  scheme  and  meet  termly  to  discuss  how  school  can  become  more  environmentally  friendly.
  • Parental engagement program to encourage positive environmental awareness and actions. 
  • Specific and measurable impact on local community (beach clean, park clean etc.)
  • Letters sent to local MP by children to reinforce their views and ask for representative support.
  • School
  • Get Afloat venue

Event Resources

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Boat making resources, articles and case studies to support you in this unique world record attempt.

Certificate for Particpant

Certificate for a particpant in PBBC

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Certificate for School

Certificate for a school

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Timekeeper Statement

The form for the timkeepers to complete on the day.  

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